Aqualots Aquariums offers a complete range of aquarium services from design and fabrication to installation and maintenance. An aquarium is like a living, moving work of art and that is exactly how Aqualots approaches every installation. Aqualots designs installations that become a part of the décor of your living or work space. We design aquariums to reflect their surroundings – and your personality – to make your aquarium the centerpiece of any interior or exterior space.

Determing Environment

The first thing we discuss with you is what type of aquarium you prefer, freshwater tank or reef tank. Reef or saltwater tanks have different needs than freshwater tanks including special lighting and plumbing requirements, which will affect the design and installation.

Site Survey

We meet with you to help you determine where to place your aquarium in your living or working space. We can discuss all the options with you and even work with your designer and contractor to ensure that your aquarium meets their design requirements.

System Design

During the design stage, we also inspect the work area to ensure it is appropriate for running plumbing and electrical, and that the floor is structurally sound to take the weight of the aquarium. We’ll work together with your builders, architects, and engineers where necessary.


You’ve done the planning, you’ve envisioned the design, and you’ve dealt with the waiting. The day has finally come for the installation of your new custom aquarium! Infinity Aquarium Design has been named “one of the nation’s preeminent aquarium design companies” and continues to set its standards high above the rest.

When it comes to installing your aquarium, we take pride in demonstrating the utmost responsibility and professionalism. No matter how small or large the project, we leave you with a quality piece of work. Whether your aquarium is going to be in-wall or free standing, in a home or a business, and whether the filtration is underneath the tank or 50 yards away, our team will deliver your desired results- GUARANTEED!