From serving as a centerpiece that leaves a lasting impression on our customers to providing a tranquil and healthy environment that calms your clients, Aqualot’s aquarium leasing program brings the water to your business without the hassle and expense. Our seasoned professionals provide our clients with over 50 years of customer-focused expertise and an innovative attitude that strives for perfection. In addition to being aquarium enthusiasts, we know what is needed in a business environment, are successful hobbyists and business people

From small office aquariums to monstrous centerpieces that everyone will be talking about, we offer affordable aquarium leasing options that will serve as a focal point of your business. Your new centerpiece will not only increase customer satisfaction, but leaves a positive and lasting impression with your clients, customers, and competitors without the hassle and added expense of owning the aquarium yourself.

Our aquarium leasing service is hassle free with everything taken care of. Our maintenance service is included in the entire aquarium rental price. Our aquarium leasing program provides our customers with the following:

Installation and Setup
Continued Maintenance and Upkeep
Stocking of Fish and Decorative Inserts
Servicing of Filtration, Lighting, and Heating Systems
Replacement and Service of System Equipment and Accessories
Ongoing Supply of Fish Food and Additives

In order to start Aqualot’s Aquarium Rental Service you must pay for 3 months in advance. After three months you will be billed monthly. You must also sign a minimum 12 month service contract.

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